tirsdag 15. november 2011

YAEB Binary Manager and update

Time for a update here.

There is now a new version of the bot out there wich is .exe based and not browser based, and it also comes with a program to manage all your profiles/users.

A little info about the YAEB Binary Manager:

The Binary Manager is a single program you can use to keep track of and launch all your bots you run. From this Manager you can create & load profiles for each bot, start them one or more at a time, restart or stop them one or more at a time. The cpu usage and memory usage of each bot running is displayed beside each profile name. To upgrade to use a newer bot version for each account, it's as simple as clicking a button and pointing it at a new YAEB build. Here's what it looks like (with names omitted to protect the guilty):

Download the Binary Manager by clicking here: DOWNLOAD

Download the new .exe based version of the bot by clicking here: DOWNLOAD

If you are using Mac OSX use this: DOWNLOAD

Linux? Use this: DOWNLOAD

lørdag 30. april 2011

YAEB - Yet Another Evony Bot

This Evony Bot is the best one out there. It's regularly updated and got loads of nice features. It builds upon the old and well know Evobot.

If you want to download the bot you can simply click here: DOWNLOAD

I will update it with the most recent version as soon as it comes out